What’s a gnarly crumb?

The definitions (urban and otherwise) that describe the meaning for me and how it related to small business marketing are:

star gnarl·y /ˈnärlē/


  • Beyond radical or extreme
  • It’s all out danger and/or perfection
  • Difficult, dangerous, or challenging
star crumb /krəm/


  • A very small amount of something
  • A small particle or portion of anything
  • A fragment or bit of something


  • to break into small fragments


So if you are still reading, you must really want to know how the name came about? In July of 2009 at a family reunion at the Shenandoah River, my then two-year old son Hayden was playing with his older cousins, Molly and Lena. While chasing behind them most of the day, he stopped and wanted to show them something and tried to say, “Molly come!”. Lena insisted it sounded like “Gnarly Crumb!” and thought it was the funniest thing she had heard all day. As a loving tribute to them all, I now have Gnarly Crumb. Thanks kids.