About Us

Gnarly Crumb was established in 2009 as a personal endeavor of Greg Parrish’s entrepreneurial spirit during an economic downturn. While managing two other small businesses in the Savannah area at that time (a design & IT company and a video production & Internet marketing company), Gnarly Crumb was little more than a concept for the next adventure. Now in 2011, the ad-venture begins.

With a background in graphic and website design, advertising and computer art, Greg Parrish has acquired extensive experience with Internet marketing and social media for small businesses. He was also a pioneer in bringing Internet marketing videos (prior to YouTube) for the real estate industry to the South Carolina’s Treasured Coast of Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and Beaufort, SC. With a strong focus on building customer relationships, Greg Parish has a first-hand knowledge of the challenges that small businesses face with today’s fast-paced technology, and the ability to communicate to the customer without the often confusing technical jargon.

During the last decade of running two small businesses, Greg Parrish has built strong relationships with other area businesses and individuals that share a passion for providing creative and technological solutions for B2B and B2C. By leveraging the strengths of each of these partnerships, Gnarly Crumb is able to provide a single source to small businesses seeking to reach new customers through brand recognition and product marketing, as well as optimizing their business infrastructure and minimizing their expenses for technological solutions.

Gnarly Crumb is always looking to build new cooperative and partnership opportunities with other creative, marketing and IT focused small businesses in the region. Drop us an email today to see what Gnarly Crumb can do for your small business adventure.